AI-based optimization for OR Planning

Intelligent OR management with nextOR

nextOR is our solution for the intelligent OR management of tomorrow. Due to the many parameters involved, OR planning is a complex undertaking. Last minute changes due to emergencies or personnel shortages disrupt processes. This results in overtime for employees and suboptimal utilization of expensive resources in the operating room which in turn leads to great dissatisfaction among staff and patients.

To overcome this challenge, we developed our own product nextOR: a self-learning program that analyzes data from all of the available parameters and operations that have already taken place with the help of artificial intelligence for optimized OR planning. The plan is updated in real time so that all employees are always up-to-date and manual communication efforts are eliminated.

OR planning created with nextOR

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Profit from more efficient OR planning with nextOR

Planning & Resources

With nextOR, the OR management receives a complete proposal for the surgery to be performed, including all necessary materials. Time, equipment and patient-related resources are taken into account in advance and reserved in the planning.

Real-time Management

With nextOR, reality is made possible in the OR plan. Inaccurate, manual planning is a thing of the past. OR slots are reserved by using foresight to make proactive predictions and procedures in the OR can be controlled in real time.


The individual level of automation can be selected freely with nextOR. Suggestions for an operation to be performed are automatically generated, which simultaneously create a current and binding schedule based on empirical values.

Employee Satisfaction

nextOR also leads to an improvement in working conditions for employees. More efficient planning reduces the need for overtime and allows more time for further training, as an example.

nextOR planning currently considers approximately 100 influencing factors in OR planning!

nextOR for intelligent OR management

Input, Output und Ergebnis einer mit smartOR generierten OP-Planung.

Your path to digital OR planning using artificial intelligence!

Sebastian Busse about nextOR at the ETIM 2020!

Your benefit from nextOR

Increased robustness of the plan

Less overtime of the staff

Improved utilization of OR rooms

Our nextOR reference stories

AI for intelligent OR planning

Introducing AI-based platforms in OR planning together with Hôpitaux Robert Schuman

  • Introduced artificial intelligence into OR planning
  • automate planning processes
  • Improved accuracy of OR planning by 35%
  • Reduced employee Overtime hours by 21%
  • OR occupancy rate increased by 21%

With AI to reliable OR planning

The Hessing Foundation from Augsburg was awarded the “Future Prize for Healthcare Management 2019” for a joint project with NEXT Data Service and UNITY in Berlin. The prize was awarded for the beneficial use of artificial intelligence (AI) in surgery planning.

  • Analysing data with the help of artificial intelligence
  • Optimal creation of surgery planning
  • Updating the plan in real time
  • Consideration of currently about 100 influencing factors in the planning of operations

Cooperations and memberships

NEXT Data Service is a member of the bvitg. The Bundesverband Gesundheits-IT (bvitg) represents the leading IT providers in the healthcare sector in Germany and is the organizer of the DMEA, the largest trade fair and conference on digital healthcare in Europe. Learn more!

nextOR is a solution of NEXT Data Service

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